Word Rock V2

Word Skills - For ages 5-15+


System Requirements:

Mac OS X v. 10.4.11/10.5.6 and 10.6 or later

Windows XP, SP2, Vista, Windows 7or later, Pentium IV 600MHz or faster

Condition: New - never used NOT in wrapper

Build word power, spelling skills and grammar know-how!


Over 3,250 Educational Activities that comprehensively cover: vocabulary, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and pre-literacy for children Aged 5 – 15+ More about the educational content and curriculum correlations Capture the Super Slugs and outsmart your competitors n this exciting, multi-award winning, single and multiplayer game! Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on each child’s learning needs. With powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities, this curriculum-rich board game adventure will help your children master shape, space, measure, data and algebra skills.

It’s BATTLESHIP meets the Super Slugs!

You’re a street-smart Freak Seeker on the trail of the devious, slippery Super Slugs in this bounty-hunting free-for-all. But there’s one small problem … they can make themselves invisible! Complete word skills activities to search the streets with your cool Freak Seeking gear. With a bit of luck (and a few cool gadgets up your sleeve) you’ll outsmart the other Freak Seekers, track down the most Slugs and become the number one Slug Buster!

Let the fun begin

Play independently OR with others using the unique multiplayer mode: up to four players of diverse abilities can set their own maths level and compete with an equal chance of winning. Let the fun begin!

Each player competes at their own literacy level, so every player has a real chance of winning. Match Grandma’s grammar against 6 year-old Vanessa’s vocab and 15 year-old Sam’s spelling

Vary the gameplay to your level and interest by choosing either the Basic Game (small board without gadgets) or the Advanced Game (larger board with gadgets)

Elements of chance and strategy mean any player can win!

Buy cool gadgets to do sneaky things to other players, like searching five squares at once with the Scatter Search gadget, or grabbing a Restricted Zone gadget to make other players keep their distance

Powerful and feature packed

Words Rock is packed full of powerful features that enable you to zero in on your child’s learning needs for home and school.

Word Rock V2 - Word Skills

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